About Us

PIJCO INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD, is a company duly registered in Nigeria with the cooperate affairs commission, having a reputation for excellent business practices and products’ quality with its operational office in the bustling metropolis of Port Harcourt, Nigeria in West Africa.

We maintain an innovative spirit for high standard of products and services. We are reaching out to many diverse customers with diverse needs thus placing all our experience in providing quality products and services at an affordable and competitive rate.

PIJCO INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD was established in 2015 and has proved its worth in foreign and local procurement services, distribution, fabrication, sales and supplies of quality product at the best price in the market.

The company started operations in 2015 on a small scale, trying to meet the needs of customers in its immediate environment and this idea has metamorphosed into a fully registered and incorporated company with the corporate affairs Commission RC. 1400605

As a Company, we are operating in partnership with major players in the production/manufacturing industries to provide our customers with high quality and standard materials as well as world class services. We have achieved a very high level of professionalism and vast experience by being part  of  some well-known manufacturers in the business, providing quality industrial gases, such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon and Acetylene gases and liquids oxygen and Nitrogen, gas cylinders, racks, accessories and so on.

We are also representative of some well-known brands in welding and safety equipment and materials across the world and is also affiliated with several engineering and manufacturing companies from the international community to provide our clients high quality standard welding consumables, welding machines, Safety tools wears and gadgets, Office Consumables etc.